Roman Architecture Inspires Fendi Haute Couture 2021

Karl Langerfeld was the head of Fendi for 54 years until his death in 2019.

Karl was unashamed in his defense of Western culture. Remember when he spoke out against German Chancellor Angela Merkel, promising to abandon his German citizenship if she continued ignoring the migrant crisis?

Now Karl is gone, a huge hole in the fashion industry has been left, but British designer Mr. Kim Jones is embracing classic Roman architecture in his new Autumn/Winter 2021 couture collection. The designs perfectly fuse past with present.

This is Mr. Kim Jones's second collection. His first collection was inspired by his transition from England to Italy but this current collection is specifically inspired by his new muse, the city of Rome.

Courtesy of Fendi

This collection was shown live online as a type of fashion-film-meets-runway-show. If you aren't familiar with fashion films, there are lots to see on YouTube. They are stunning. I recommend starting with Fashion Film by Nick Knight. The Fendi collection was directed by Luca Guadagnino with music by Max Richter.

Jones was also inspired by poet and Roman film director Pier Paolo Pasolini.

“Rome is a fascinating city because it has so many pasts – and I was drawn to Pasolini because I have always been inspired by his vision of the world,” explains Jones. “He is something of an outsider in Roman history, but one whose voice remains constant.”

“I have long admired Luca’s work – and, he is someone who, like Pasolini, touches on subjects which are relevant to now,” he added.

Watch the Fendi Autumn/Winter 2021 film by Luca Guadagnino here

Designer Kim Jones used marbled silks and designs that resemble Rome and embroidery to resemble frescos. Full arm length gloves and sheer fabrics, which is my personal favorite as well as big chunky earrings formed from hand carved Italian marble, pleated leather that resembles the structure and spirit of a Bernini sculpture. I am truly in love with this style.

Courtesy of Fendi
Courtesy of Fendi

Kate Moss is featured as the head "goddess"

“I wanted to include all of the people who would have inhabited it then, as well as of now.”

I love this appreciation of the past mixed with the present and the reflection of western culture and architecture. The essence of Rome is certainly captured with the poetry and drama of the fabrics and architecture. To watch the full video of the collection click here.