Progressive Rock Band Gideons Mob Evokes Victorian Fiction themes in New Album

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Gideons Mob is a progressive rock/metal band from Pittsburgh PA that combines their love of Rock, Metal, Jazz and Classical into a beautiful new concept. Brian Urso, the founding member and lead guitarist of the band, has played guitar for 36 years and is a former guitar instructor - which really shows in his tracks.

I hate to compare an artist to another artist, but their work almost has a Pink Floyd feel to it. I am not kidding. They are smooth. Listen on Spotify HERE.

Gideons Mob is back in the studio working out their third album, Sonic Library.

Every track on the concept album is based on works of fiction from the gothic Victorian era with instrumental tracks like "Modern Day Prometheus" (Frankenstein) and "The Portrait of Dorian Gray".

Brian Urso tells Virtus Liber Magazine that he chose Victorian-era fiction because he is an Anglophile with a particular love for that period.

Target date for the album release will be August of 2021.

Artwork for "Space Cadet Supernova" album by Pablo Romero (left) and Dinah Israel (Right)

If you love Pink Floyd, classic rock, smooth guitar, jazz, Led Zeppelin, or anything that uses a whammy bar, this is your band. It doesn't hurt that Urso is not shy about describing himself as a lover of European culture either.

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