‘NO SHARK’ Movie of The Summer

Still from 'NO SHARK' via twitter.com/codyclarke

From the creator of “Attack of The Giant Blurry Finger” and “Ramekin”, “NO SHARK” is expected to be an aesthetic and bizarre summer fun flick.

This new shark movie literally doesn't have a shark in it.

According to the Indiegogo page, NO SHARK is an existential horror comedy about a young woman who is obsessed with sharks, but who has never actually seen one.

“We follow her as she visits various New York beaches, interacts with beachgoers, and tries to have the encounter she's always dreamed of. Sounds simple, sounds peaceful, but in actuality this is one of the most twisted horror movies I've ever come up with! You'll see what I mean when you see the movie, so help me make it!”


Twitter users are loving it!

One twitter user says:

"Cody and making good-weird movies with attractive women, name a more iconic duo."


I think Cody really has something going with this movie, he says“JAWS made people scared of sharks. My movie NO SHARK will make people scared of the absence of sharks” and "I hope NO SHARK leads to an ‘art shark’ subgenre."

Still from 'NO SHARK' via twitter.com/codyclarke

Creator Cody Clarke has also caught the attention of Japan, receiving nearly $900 in contributions from Japanese fans who can't wait to see the movie.

One Japanese twitter user says:

"So, the director's new work scheduled to be released in November seems to be "No Shark" that "a shark-crazy woman wanders around various beaches in NY in pursuit of sharks", but I can not imagine the contents at all. However, I think it would be insanely interesting if sharks didn't come out at all, and I'm sure it would be a revolutionary work in shark movie history."


Cody Clarke responded with:

"Hello to my new Japanese followers! I've always wanted my art to reach you, and I'm glad to hear it is. Thank you!"


Still from 'NO SHARK' via twitter.com/codyclarke

As for what's next after NO SHARK?

"NO ZOMBIES? NO WEREWOLF? NO GHOST? the possibilities are endless!"