‘Kill The Lion Films' Now Filming “Ramekin II” in NYC

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

‘Kill The Lion Films' has begun filming the production of “Ramekin II” in NYC. Independent filmmaker Cody Clarke has been hard at work with actress Jamie Saunders back on set with the addition of actor Bill Weeden and actress Chloe Pelletier.

Photo courtesy Twitter.com/codyclarke

“Ramekin” is a horror comedy feature film about a college girl in New York City coming to live in the spacious Upper West Side apartment of her recently-deceased grandmother. There she encounters a little white porcelain cup - a ramekin-that slowly begins to control her life and demands the unthinkable.

"Ramekin" 2018

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I wonder what is in store for "Ramekin II"?! The original was pretty wild, so I have high expectations for the second film. Especially with the addition of a second evil porcelain dish...

The set of Ramekin II via twitter.com/codyclarke

Cody Clarke an independent filmmaker who writes, produces and films feature films on a limited budget. In an age where Hollywood has become predictable and out-of-touch, it is increasingly important to support independent creators. If you are interested in supporting, please consider donating by contacting him directly on twitter twitter.com/codyclarke

Cody has made eight films so far. His most recent he filmed on a budget of $0 over lockdown with Chloe Pelletier called "Attack of the Giant Blurry Finger" which I have to say is the most creative, weird and hilarious thing you will ever see to come out of 2020. It will honestly be a cult classic.

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Just like "Attack of the Giant Blurry Finger", "Ramekin"is an odd, humorous psychological horror thriller that has to be seen to be appreciated. This is a truly creative team, and it is exciting to see how this story will continue.

A lot of the time these types of movies, especially Cody's movies, throw you into a ridiculous world and when it ends abruptly, you almost don't know what to do with yourself. It is exciting to be able to see these worlds continue with another feature film.